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The Excitement of 260 Family Members

The excitement of the July National Children's Day was increasingly felt because of Luminor Hotel Sidoarjo - Pahlawan, a new hotel in the heart of Sidoarjo Regency made the "Mom & Kids Doodle Art Workshop and Competition" event which took place in the Dynamic Room on the M floor. Not only that, as National Children's Day section, takes place "Doodling on Pedestrian" along 30 meters in front of Luminor Hotel Sidoarjo - Pahlawan.

Since 08.00 WIB, 130 Mommies and 130 Kiddos began arriving to attend workshops and collaboration competitions between mothers and children. Starting with the Doodling Workshop by Mas Tholee, he is the author of the book Let's Create a Doodle !. All participants were taught how to draw doodle step-by-step, including how to draw motifs and animals. Followed by a drawing and coloring competition with a doodle technique that uses small color markers. Uniquely, participants draw on a thick piece of paper, which will later become a tumbler cover or drinking bottle that children can bring as their proud work.

"We made this event special for children. If they usually draw and color normally using crayons, this time they can learn new things. After returning from this event, in addition to bringing lots of prizes, they will also bring their drawings already in the form of tumblers or drinking bottles, so they can show them off to friends while at school. "Said Soesijanto, General Manager of Luminor Hotel Sidoarjo - Pahlawan.

The excitement was more complete by 25 friends from Sidoarjo Doodle Art Community who helped by drawing a 30-meter doodle in front of Luminor Hotel Sidoarjo - Pahlawan and will be installed in the next few days. Not only that, all the Mommies and Kiddos can try old-fashioned toys at this 4-hour event.

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